2020 WR Training and Agility/Speed Training – Spaces Limited!


2020 WR Training and Agility/Speed Training – Spaces Limited!


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Olympian Steve Brown

What is Speed Personified?

What is Speed Personified?

Speed Personified is a multi-directional speed and agility training program that seeks to maximize a student athlete’s abilities, in order to maximize their potential for winning:

  • In competition.

  • Admission to the foremost institutions of learning.

  • A full-ride athletic scholarship, at best (like the one Steve acquired to Wake Forest University).

Speed Personified is one of numerous tools that aid parents in their realization of an effective, holistic plan for the betterment of their child’s future, and provides them with an opportunity to enhance their family’s fiscal strategy.

Speed Agility Testimonials

Steve is a can do guy and add both his experience at a high level with football and track with his successful coaching you have a winning combination at Speed! Speed offered everything I needed and more. Only negative was I didn’t want to go home. I wanted more time with Steve and his team. The group at Speed took my game to a new level both on and off the field!

Love everything about it. Great coaches who truly care and are very passionate about their product. They enjoy helping people improve their performance!

I like that coach Steve is engaging and cares about the athletes he works with. I like that he doesn’t sugarcoat anything but he also knows when to build up as well.

He’s an incredible guy and a incredible coach, and I’m not one to lie about things like that. He sees the best in all of his athletes and gives real advice, and he’s incredibly knowledgeable in track and field.

It encourages an individual to be focused & to be determined to reach one’s full potential. Great leadership demonstrated, great concepts presented but just as importantly commitment to the program is evident.

I like the one on one aspect of the sessions that deal with what I specifically need to adjust to make me a better athlete. I recommend Speed Personified to every athlete that wants to improve/increase their advantage in competition.

I like the customized approach to developing the “entire” athlete. I feel Speed Personified listens and works closely with the family and the athlete to determine the best outcomes!!

Speed personified breaks it down to the fundamentals and builds your up to be the best athlete possible. I like progressing through the workouts and seeing results on the field.

Detail oriented, individual instruction despite group setting, high-quality reps during sessions

There are products and services and then there are the people who provide the experiences. Speed Personified is an excellent option because the delivery is as strong as the content. There is nothing like experience. Steve Brown is an experience pep in athletics , business and human relations. If you want to play like a pro, you have to train with pros.

The training was fun and helped my son improve his technique. The staff was always professional and did a great job of assessing our individual needs. I would highly recommend this program to any one looking to learn new skills and improve their performance on the field

It’s one thing to just train and go through a bunch of drills and work up a sweat. It’s another thing to go through drills work up a sweat and understand why your doing what your doing. That’s Speed Personified advantage. You get educated through the process! I wouldn’t say anything is lacking. I don’t think any of the clients would say that. Take advantage of the experience, the education and the grind your going to get with Speed Personified you won’t be disappointed!

Steve is a genuine hard working man that truly cares about the well being of others which makes him work hard at his craft to continually improve himself and those around him

I appreciate it how Coach Brown still took individual time with my son while he had to coach a team he was very strategic and his follow-through what’s great. I only wish my son and him had more time together to train.

Steve Brown connects with the kids and genuinely cares about them beyond just sports. He offers top notch training without gouging you for money like a lot of the youth sports training industry does. I recommend him highly! Steve Brown brings a different focus beyond the increasingly impersonal youth training options. Your athlete is a person to Steve, not an invoice.

The relationship with coach Steve is the best he is 100% focused on helping you better yourself he’s like a father. Thank you Coach Steve for everything you have done for me.

I have been working with Coach Brown for about 3 years now. He is a very knowledgeable coach who knows what he is talking about. I am a wide receiver and he has definitely helped me to improve my overall game on the field. Typical practice sessions would consist of Coach Brown taking me through challenging drills, and offering wisdom to the game of football and for how to take care of my body. Coach Brown has helped me to take my game to the next level.

Matthew Register, Your Content Goes Here

Coach Brown is an exceptional coach and teacher.  He has a keen sense of how to dial up the intensity to motivate my son along with choosing the right words and time to applaud his efforts. I believe because coach is also a teacher he is tooled in a way to properly coach/teach from a holistic approach. I’ve watched him coach my then 6th grader to now incoming 11th in a building block process. Planting, cultivating, pulling out weeds and watering my sons skill set and mental approach to not only sports but life. I wish every child could have a coach Brown of Speed Personified in its life.  I know that concept is impossible, but I’m grateful that we have one.

Steve Bracey, Your Content Goes Here

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